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22. april 2024

Tournament format and setup for Flint Micasa U14 Cup 2024

Multilevel Tournament concept

This tournament will in 2024 have 80 teams

  • 64 in the class for boys
  • 16 in the class for girls.

We have prepared a tournament setup based on the ‘multilevel tournament’ concept, which will ensure that all teams, regardless their level of skill, will have equal matches. Alle teams will play their matches on the same pitches, and the matches will be led by the same experienced referees.

The clubs have prepared and submitted an ‘own assessment’ of their teams’ level of skill. Based thereon we have divided the teams into levels as follows:

  • U14 Boys have been split into three levels with 24 teams on the upper two levels and 16 on the third level. These are in the diagram marked with blue, green and red colour.
  • U14 Girls have been split into two levels with 8 teams on each level (grey and brown).

Thereafter, the teams on each level have been assigned to equally strong groups based on geography. Groups A – H in the class for Boys have 6 teams. The two last groups in the class for Boys and all group in the class for Girls have 8 teams.

Day 1: Seeding matches and qualification for Divisions

On Day 1 there will be played four rounds in each group, which is an ‘incomplete round robin’. The matches are predetermined. All matches are 1 x 20 minutes.

Based on these four matches, the teams in each group will be ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Points (three points for a win and one point for a draw)
  • Quality (the aggregated number of points for each of your four opponents)
  • Goal difference
  • Number of scored goals
  • Draw

Please note: In order to see the detailed table including ‘quality’ – press button “Criteria for table” in the Profixio app.

The ranking in each of the groups will determine which teams qualify for each Division for the rest of the tournament. Groups E – H are used as examples here (see diagram above):

  • The two highest ranked teams in these four groups will form Division 2 in the Class for Boys together with the two last teams in the groups A – D. In total 16 teams.
  • Teams 3 to 5 will form Division 3 together with the two strongest teams from groups I – J. In total 16 teams.
  • The last team in each of the four groups will form Division 4 together with teams in position 3 to 8 in groups I – J. In total 16 teams.

The same principle will apply also in the classes for girls.

Day 2: Group stage matches and qualification for knock-out stage

The class for boys will have 4 divisions and the class for girls will have 2.

  • All divisions for boys will have 16 teams.
  • Both divisions for girls will have 8 teams.

All divisions with 16 teams will be divided into four groups (A – D) and all divisions with 8 teams will be divided into two groups (A and B). Teams are assigned to groups based on their position on Day 1 as described in the above figure.

So, each group will have four teams and the teams will play a ‘complete round robin’. All matches are 2 x 20 minutes.

The teams will be ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Points (three points for a win and one point for a draw)
  • Goal difference
  • Number of scored goals
  • Draw

Please note: Quarterfinals in Division 1 for Boys will be played at the end of Day 2.

Day 3: Knock-out stage and placement matches

  • In all Division with 8 teams, winners and runner ups qualify for semifinals.
  • In all Division with 16 teams, only the group winners qualify for semifinals.
  • Only exception: In Division 1 for Boys there will be quarterfinals involving the top two teams in the four groups.
  • Semifinals are played early on Day 3. Winners play finals and losers play bronze finals.
  • Bronze finals in lower divisions are carried out as penalty shootouts in a dedicated area.
  • All teams not qualified for a semifinal play one placement match.
  • All matches are 2 x 20 minutes.

Total set-up all three days


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